To start, this is a fantastic intro video to pediatric airway management in the ED by Dr. Rueben Strayer from Mt. Sinai. A very practical way of looking at the pediatric airway which I definitely appreciate.

When you are getting further down the failed airway algorithm, lets hope that you’ve watched this video from Dr. Peter Kas at…..

And, as a last resort, you’ll be moving on to the open surgical cricothyroidotomy.

Here are quite a few videos that are excellent and show several different ways to do this procedure. If you get to this point, the more you’ve watched, and the more you’ve perseverated over how to do this, the better. So you’d better watch.

The first is from Dr. Scott Weingart at

To add an additional tool to your toolbox, the bougie guided cric from

We have the glidescope at the children’s hospital, and here is a good intro video to its use. (I am a fellow and definitely have no financial interest in anything…) I just like cool toys….

A good example of the glidescope in action. This doctor goes into great detail about how to make a pediatric stylet that he is happy with, but, I’ve found if you just make the sylet mimic the curvature of the glidescope itself you’ll end up in the perfect position.

We’re about to get the bougie in our pedi ED. For those that aren’t familiar with using this amazing yet simple device, here is a great intro video, again from Dr. Weingart.