Our departments scheduling website:

The best general, pediatrics included, emergency medicine podcast:

My favorite emergency medicine and critical care podcast:

The newsletter of the AAP:

AAP Bright Futures Guidelines for Pediatric Development – A great guide to knowing what normal development is:

Life in the Fast Lane general EM blog – a great EM resource with great EKG files as well:

A fun blog about resuscitation and all things emergency and pediatric emergency med from Australia:

Reuben Strayer summarizes all of Rosen’s Emergency Med book with flashcards that are scanned into this site, and then keeps an ongoing blog of learning points in emergency medicine: 

A growing area in pediatric EM, these guys are on the front line of emergency medicine ultrasound:

THE Toxicology website:

A great ECG review website and interesting ECG cases:

Dr. Lin’s amazing website literature based review of EM, with lots of practical tips along the way. Also check out her PV Cards, which are great clinical pathway guidelines.

An EM and Critical Care/Trauma Website from Down Under:

A great airway tutorial website-look at the video library:

Amal Mattu, the guru of EM ECG’s, has a weekly ECG review with video:

An amazing multimedia review of radiology from the Netherlands:

A brand new Peds EM/CC website with lots of potential:

Don’t Forget the Bubbles

From Dr. Sean Fox a quite informative site about peds EM:

Pediatric EM Morsels

Number Needed to Treat  – A website with an interesting collection of to the point breakdowns of many cochrane reviews.


An entertaining blog about general emergency medicine with peds EM topics thrown in, with the best name out there (which stands for Standing on Corner Minding Own Business…:)