TET Spells

Tetralogy of Fallot – http://lifeinthefastlane.com/pediatric-perplexity-003/

I was thinking about doing a few pearls related to TET spells, as we had one the other day in our ED. Then I found this post on Life in the Fast Lane which “spelled” it out much better than I would have. Please click link to see an awesome rapid review of TET spells, the pathophysiology and the initial management. Kudos to the people at lifeinthefastlane.com for another fantastic post.

On an aside, I like the idea of ketamine (as mentioned in their post) instead of morphine for a severe TET spell. It will increase the systemic vascular resistance, calm the child and does it without the risk of apnea like with morphine would have in a neonate.


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