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Weekly Peds EM Update: PALS vids, a new website and a difficult airway algorithm

This week I came across on Academic Life in EM blog a series of 8 videos by Dr. Rahul Patwari  where he walks you through the 2010 PALS updated guidelines that were published in Circulation that year. Click the hyperlink below to see the videos. They will also be permanently available under the videos tab. They are quite amusing in that they are in cartoon format, but quite informative nonetheless. All vids are also available under the Videos/Pals tabs:

Academic Life in EM Dr. Patwari PALS Videos

Another new link with tons of great information I’ll be adding to the links page that I recommend you check out by Dr. Sean Fox at the Carolinas Medical Center is:

More on this in coming weeks, but here is a nicely summarized failed airway algorithm from the Difficult Airway Society (DAS) of the UK.

Peds Diff Airway Algorithm APA3-CICV-FINAL

And here is why this is important – a case report of a nightmare airway and what all can go wrong. It’s like reading a horror story. Granted its an adult patient, and in the OR, but the principles are the same:

Failed Airway Ewing – case report – KM




Weekly updates from around the web:

So, added to the journal articles are Canada and US status epilepticus management guidelines, also linked here:  Status Epil Guidelines Canada  &   US Status Seizure Guidelines.

In the tox section there is an interesting article on TCA overdose treated with intralipid: TCA OD Intralipid.

From around the web some interesting posts:

An interesting talk from John Kheir from the cardiac PICU at Boston’ Children’s Hospital talking at TEDMED. The talk begins with the story of a tragic PICU case and leads to Kheir explaining his obsession with figuring out how to administer oxygen microparticles intravenously. Fascinating stuff. Makes you wonder what we will be doing in resuscitations in 10 years:

From Annals of EM this month – the concept of DELAYED sequence intubation is now making its way into pediatrics. Something we’ve been doing in adult EM for some time now….From Weingart and Schneider a case report in full form is available in the airway journal articles tab. Here is a case summary at this link:

Pediatric DSI

This looks to be a super cool pediatric emergency medicine website that was just launched – LOTS of potential here:

Don’t Forget the Bubbles

Lastly, I think everyone should watch this lecture from Cliff Reid. He is the editor of the website (in the links page) and this is his lecture from the SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) conference on “The mind of the resuscitationist: making things happen.” For anyone who is leading resuscitations, you should watch this lecture. Posted originally on

(Click on link and scroll to bottom of page to see video)

Cliff Reid:Making Things Happen